Things to See and Do in Dorset

Some may think that they will find it challenging to find enough things to do in Dorset to keep them busy. After one visit there it is soon learned that there are so many things to see and do that there is not enough time to take it all in. When having to choose among the many attractions, the following may be some good choices.

Historic Sites

Even if a person is not really a history enthusiast, they will soon find themselves intrigued by the historical attractions of Dorset. The following are some great choices:

  • Jurassic Coast
  • Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum
  • Saint Nicholas Church

Undoubtedly this is a mix of different types of attractions that each have their own historical value.

Day Trips

On some days it is nice to just take in the attractions at random. Then for a change of pace, there are some great day trips to take in. Some suggestions are:

  • Steam Train and Sea Cruise Adventure
  • Jurassic Coast Day Trip
  • Bath Day Trip


Everyone that visits Dorset soon forms their own favourites as to what attractions they enjoyed the most. There are plenty of places to pick from such as:

  • Brownsea Island
  • Sandbanks Beach
  • Sculpture by the Lakes
  • Monkey World
  • Kingston Lacy


It is all the more enjoyable when visitors can interact with some of the attractions that are available in Dorset. It is just a matter of choosing those which sound the most appealing.

  • Charters:

Taking advantage of one of the several charters is a great way to enjoy the water and take in some additional sites. It should not be forgotten that Dorset is highly recognised for its natural beauty.

Outdoor Activites

For those who are looking for a full weekend of fun and adventure, there is a great opportunity for this with the Land & Wave excursion. This includes some camping, which makes it all the more fun.