What Makes Dorset Special?

Undoubtedly when most people are planning their vacation, they always want to focus on someplace that they could consider as special. Many places throughout the UK would fit into this category, but one that stands out. For many that have visited there at least once it is Dorset.

The Beauty

When making a list of what makes Dorset so unique, at the top, would have to be its natural beauty. There are some that are even interested in what other areas throughout the world would equal Dorset for the purposes of film making because of the awe-inspiring beauty of this county.

This is not just the opinion of a few. The county itself has earned this title and is designated as an outstanding natural beauty area. It is loaded with the natural landscape that has been well preserved, and it is something that the residents of Dorset are very proud of. Some of the areas that are outstanding are as follows

  • Pulpit Rock
  • Chesil Beach
  • Lulworth Cove
  • Golden Cap
  • Durdle Door

An entire day could be spent at each of one of these magnificent natural sites.

The Weather

Not only is this such a naturally beautiful place to be, but the weather also cooperates, making it the ideal place for those that want to enjoy the outdoors. Compared to other locations throughout the UK, it is said that Dorset possesses over 364 more hours of sunshine.


For those that like to visit a place where it is beneficial to their health then Dorset is again a great choice. It is said that the people that live in Dorset live longer compared to other regions throughout the UK.

The People

Anyone that is visiting a strange place wants to feel welcome. Any event and a visit Dorset will be able to make that claim. The residents that live here enjoy the tourism that this area possesses.