The History of Dorset

For those who enjoy UK history, in general, they will not want to miss out on spending some time in Dorset. For many that visit here feel like they have stepped back in time. Dorset is a county that can be found on the English Channel. It is located in the southwestern part of England.

First Visitors

For those who are interested in who were the first humans to visit Dorset then they will want to know that it was the Mesolithic hunters. This took place in approximately 8000 BC.


What makes Dorset so historically valuable is that it can be traced back to settlements that existed in the Neolithic era. Remnants of their existence can be seen by the Dorset Cursus. This is a 6.5-mile monument that was erected for ritual and ceremonial reasons.

For those that are intrigued with the Vikings, they are most interested in knowing that the first raid that ever took place on the British Isles was in Dorset. It was the Saxons that made Dorset a shire.

The Environment

For those who admire an environment that is classed as pristine and beautiful, they will enjoy Dorset for this very reason. It is said that more than half of the county has been classed as an area of outstanding beauty. The coastline is mostly part of the Jurassic Coast. This is a natural world heritage site.

History buffs could spend their entire vacation learning about the intriguing history of this great county. Even those who are not that enthusiastic about the topic of history find that they get caught up in the many stories. They date back to different tribes along with the battles that they had, and many find the stories about the Vikings to be something that catches their attention.

Aside from learning more about the history of Dorset, while there, you will find there is so much more to enjoy.