Great Places to Eat in Dorset

The types of food that can be enjoyed in Dorset varies, and there is plenty of different kinds of cuisine to be enjoyed by everyone. At the same time, some of the choices date way back in history. Those who are in the business of providing food fare in Dorset have stuck to their roots.

Food Choices

What is often noted about the food that is served in Dorset is that much of it is organic and produced locally. These are two major factors that many visitors find most appealing. To try to get an idea of the type of food that is used for many of the tasty dishes found here, it just means checking out the farmer’s markets.

Traditional Dishes

For those who want to experience some of the dishes in Dorset that have been served for many years, there are some great opportunities to do so. Some of the choices will be:

  • Portland Lamb
  • Royal Pudding
  • Dorset Jugged Steak
  • Dorset Apple Cake

Many of the traditional dishes are named after the county itself.

Restaurant Choices

While many can enjoy traditional eating in Dorset, there are many wonderful restaurants and cafes that serve many different types of cuisine with the following being some examples:

  • Pizza on Earth: For those who really want to enjoy either traditional pizza or ones that have been prepared with the creativity they have to have at least one meal here.
  • Trading Bay Dining Co.: For those who are looking for a place to have an enjoyable family lunch, then this establishment would be a good choice. Most that are visiting any part of the UK insist on having an excellent traditional meal of fish and chips, and this is a place that won’t disappoint them.

It is well worth experimenting with the many different choices of food fare that can be found in Dorset. It will serve to enhance an already great vacation.