All About Dorset England

Welcome to our website that is dedicated to the county of Dorset, in England. For those that are looking for a place to vacation, they will soon discover that Dorset has everything that they could possibly want to enjoy. We have covered a variety of topics here, that pertain to Dorset, and it should give you some great insight as to what this region is about. Some of the best bits of what we have to offer you here are as follows:

Dorset History

Dorset has such an intriguing history that we want to create a desire in you to learn more. You will find the information we have provided a great starting point to rely on when checking out the history of Dorset during your stay there.

Dorset is Special

It is not uncommon to hear many people say that Dorset is special. We have to agree with them, and after reading our post, perhaps you will agree also.

For the Kids

Parents often worry whether their choice of place to vacation is going to keep the kids happy. No worries about this when Dorset is chosen as the destination. Our post here highlights some great events for the kids to enjoy.

What to See and What to Do

Our post on this topic will get you started on what you may want to enjoy first when visiting Dorset.

Dorset on Business

For those who are on a business trip to Dorset, the post we have here on this will be helpful.